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Are you looking for clarity, purpose, and direction in life? With years of experience as a psychic medium, Dave Wakeling can help you find the answers you seek.


Unlock your true potential today with

Dave Wakeling
Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher

Photo of Dave Wakeling


Dave Wakeling ~ Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher

Dave Wakeling has been providing clarity and spiritual guidance to individuals across the world for over 5 years. Using a combination of Oracle, Tarot, and his Intuitive, Psychic, Empathic, and Mediumistic gifts, Dave helps connect with the energy of those around you (in life and in Spirit), as well as your own, to bring forth the insights, clarity, direction, and intuitive guidance most needed in your life right now.


Through his readings, Dave's goals are  to help you shift perceptions, move past blocks, and manifest a more positive and satisfying life.



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